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Vital Rack

Adjustable Moveable Roller Stand For Refrigerator, Washing Machines & Dryers

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Sliding heavy items like a refrigerator or washing machine isn't possible for one person. 

But cleaning them from beneath ensures hygiene and gives a full refreshing look to your home. 

So how to make lifting or moving heavy things easier?

Simply get your hands on this Adjustable Moveable Roller Stand for Refrigerator, Washing Machines & Dryers. 

It helps you easily move your heavy items wherever you desire and cleans the place beneath it without any hassle, this roller makes your cleaning tasks a breeze. 

What you'll get: 

  • Quick items moving: This roller is equipped with easy-to-move wheels. They help you slide any heavy item, even with a slight push, and handily sponge the place to give a clean-cut view of your home. 
  • Slip-free pads: Anti-skid pads are wrapped in the holding place of this roller. They keep the item secured in its place and avoid slippage. 
  • Adjustable design: These rollers are extendable. Whatever your item's size is, adapt this wheeler accordingly and freely place your artifact on it. 
  • Quick Installation: It's simple to use this roller stand. Pull and adjust the roller as per the desired size and move the bracket to keep the roller stuck in its size. Now, place your item on it and slide it freely.
  • Wide applications: The adjustable moveable roller stand for refrigerators, washing machines & dryers is ideal for placing multiple devices and easily moving them across the house. It is an ideal gadget to use while moving in or out of the house.
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