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Vital Rack

Bicycle Saddle ActiveZone

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Put an end to buttock pain while cycling

Do you know this? You're looking forward to cycling, but after just a few minutes of cycling, your entire buttocks already hurt, due to the uncomfortable bike saddle!

This is a common problem with conventional bicycle saddles. But that's over now!

With our bike saddle Active Zone, you cycle through our innovative shock absorption system and our high-tech gel filling, like on clouds!

Maximum safety in the dark

Many tragic bicycle accidents happen in the dark, primarily due to poor equipment.

In our bike saddle Active Zone, we have installed a reflective strip on the back, which makes you immediately seen by other road users.

Now your bike not only looks more stylish, but you also ensure your maximum safety!

The perfect ventilation in the heat

The unique ventilation design effectively wicks away sweat and heat.

Even if you now accelerate, or it is simply extremely hot, your buttock area remains well ventilated, and you also prevent unpleasant sweat stains!

Be unstoppable even in the rain

Thanks to the high-quality and pet-friendly synthetic leather surface, you don't have to worry even on rainy days!

It lets the rain bounce off immediately, and you can accelerate even in the rain without a wet butt!

Extremely simple and quick installation

Our bicycle saddle Active Zone is suitable for all standard bicycles and visually enhances every bike through the new design.

You can mount it on your bike in seconds and with just a few simple steps and start cycling immediately afterward. 

High-quality and durable materials

We have selected only the best materials for our Active Zone bike saddle. It is made of high-quality synthetic leather, stainless steel and a specially developed high-tech gel.

This is definitely the last bike saddle you'll need!

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