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Vital Rack

Press Type Ice Cube Box

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Do you find it hard to extract ice cubes from the tray?

Do you use different ladles or spoons to beat the ice tray to extract cubes?

If yes, we can assume the hassle this small task brings to your life.

So, get this press-type ice cube box to make all such worries vanish in thin air and draw out the ice cubes in the most comfortable and quickest manner.

Fill the box with ice to cool your drinks while on outdoor adventures like BBQ parties. 

What you’ll get:

  • Quick extraction: No beating is required to bring the ice out of the tray. Put the tray upside down on the box and use the top layer with silicone rubber spikes to press on the ice tray and extract ice cubes with a single press. 
  • Comfortable use: You don’t need to rinse the tray with water or twist the end of the tray to extract cubes. With no direct contact with the cold ice cube tray, you will be at complete ease while drawing out the ice cubes.
  • Storage box: The transparent box is perfect for storing ice cubes and can be used as a portable fridge to cool down drinks and cans. The box is covered with a lid to ensure no dust or any other contamination enters inside it.
  • Portable: This press-type ice cube box is lightweight and easy to carry. It will be an essential part of busting heat on your outdoor activities like camping, picnic, BBQ party, or hiking.

Package includes: 1 x Ice tray, 1 x Box, 1 x Ice spoon

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