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Vital Rack

Pumpkin Brush Pet Deshedder

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If your pet doesn't like being groomed, we have the perfect solution for you.

Make your four-legged friend fall in love with this pumpkin brush pet deshredder and give them a massaging grooming session.

The brush doesn't hurt the animal and efficiently takes care of tangled or loose hair and dirt.

The brush's bristles are angled perfectly to dig deep inside the animal's fur without causing them any pain. 

What you'll get:

  • Efficient pet grooming: Get rid of mat or dirt from your furry friend's fur body. This de shredder takes care of loose and tangled hair efficiently. Your pet will be completely relaxed while you rub the brush on its body.
  • Hurtless design: To avoid hurting the animal, the brush's bristles are rounded at the tip, making them safe even if they come into touch with the skin. The needles of the brush are 60-degree bent, which ensures that the brush gets under the fur without causing any discomfort.
  • Easy to use & clean: The handle of the brush is very ergonomic. Using it for a longer duration will not tire your hand or make you uncomfortable. To clean the brush, just press the button on the handle. It will push the hair above the bristles, which you can easily remove.
  • High versatility: This grooming brush is suitable for use on different animals ranging from dogs, cats, rabbits to any other pet with fur.
  • Excellent gift choice: Surprise your pet parents' friends with this ergonomic grooming brush. It will surely end a lot of their troubles and make grooming a breeze for them.
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